Practical Self-Discipline In Fitness

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Building a better body doesn’t happen by accident. It takes time and dedication, every single day. And it takes self-discipline. Your success in the gym will be the result of all the small daily decisions that you make.
Make the wrong choices and you will fail. But make the right ones and you will succeed. What self-discipline comes down to is the ability to say NO to the things you know would have a negative impact on your progress. And instead doing the things that you know will move you forward.

Let’s look at the different aspects of fitness and bodybuilding that require self-discipline if you want to succeed.



Of course it’s much easier to skip the gym and do something else that requires no effort. Skip the gym once, and nothing bad will happen. But do it constantly and you will get nowhere.
Devise a training plan and stick to it by going to the gym 3-4 times a week.
Plan your workouts in advance. Write down what you need to do and then do it.Track your progress. Keep a training log. Write down the sets, reps and weights of all your exercises in each and every workout.
What gets measured gets managed and improved.


Of course it’s much easier to indulge in fast food, eat pizzas, burgers and ice cream than sticking to a diet of high-quality foods.
Eat junk food or get drunk once in a while and nothing bad will happen. But do it constantly and you will only get fat, stagnate in the gym and cripple your health.tumblr_m75csjClcR1qlxk49o1_1280

  • Learn what healthy nutrition is all about. It’s not rocket science and once you’ve learned it this wisdom will stay with you for life.
  • Develop good eating habits and stick to them. If you don’t buy stuff you know is bad for you, you’re less likely to eat it.
  • Learn how to prepare basic meals. Cook your meals in advance if you have to.
  • Stack enough of your staple foods at home so you always have access.
  • Eat your target amount of quality protein every day. Get whey protein powder if you have to.
  • Calculate your basal metabolic rate so you know how many calories you need per day.Track your macros and daily calories. Write them down. Track those numbers, it really does make a difference.
  • Measure your body fat to know where you stand.
  • Remember, what gets measured gets managed and improved.


Of course it’s much easier to stay up late at night, surfing the web, watching movies or playing video games instead of getting more quality sleep.
It’s also very tempting to go out and get in some extra training doing bodyweight workouts, hard cardio or playing football, doing martial arts or any other type of physically demanding exercise.
Do it once in a while and nothing happens, but do it constantly and you will rob your body of its recuperative powers. Before you know it, you will stagnate in the gym, unable to train hard and add more weight to the bar every week.
Building new muscle and strength requires tremendous amounts of energy. That energy has to  come from proper food intake as well as enough rest and sleep so your muscles can grow.
The irony is that rest and sleep are actually the easiest things you’ll have to take care of. Because they simply require you to do, well, nothing.
Good sleep is especially important because during sleep your body regenerates, releases muscle-building hormones and builds new muscle tissue to overcompensate for hard training.
Get your 8 hours (or more) of quality sleep every night. Avoid late nights. Develop a habit of going to bed at the same time every day, as much as possible.
Never compromise on your sleep. Good sleep is crucial for progress in any athletic activity as well as general good health in life.
Don’t mess around with “extra training” on off days if you want to build a lot of muscle fast. Rest instead and stick to your workout plan.
If you’re a naturally gifted athlete with great genetics you might get away with additional training in other sports but even then it’s always better to stay focused, so you can progress even faster.
Give your body the rest and sleep it needs. And that’s it. Self-discipline in fitness and bodybuilding isn’t really that hard when you know what it comes down to.Stay disciplined. Keep going. Succeed.